Kobo’s at it again. This time, they’re censoring transgender romance stories.

Yesterday, I reported that the ebook retailer Kobo had declined yet another transgender erotic romance.  This time it was my anthology My Mistress’ Thighs: Erotic Transgender Fiction and Poetry. 

Kobo never gives me a reason for declining my work (they don’t even send me an email to inform me the way Amazon does), but it’s hard not to notice that every one of the five ebooks Kobo has declined included “transgender” in the metadata.

Kobo censored FIVE ebooks when I included the keywords “Transgender” and “Erotic Romance” in the metadata.  When I uploaded a similar story from the same series, but DID NOT include “Transgender” and “Erotic Romance” in the metadata, it was made available for sale with no issues.

Read the rest here.

Kobo seems like they’re doing their damnedest to make the world hate them. If you’re not happy with this, I suggest you email them and tell them.

The trans* community is attacked and reviled often enough without being censored by large companies like Kobo, too. It seems they’re not only interested in censoring erotica, but also anything that might offend someone.

You can email Kobo at writinglife@kobo.com and tell them you don’t like their censorship of trans* romance stories. You should also tweet Mark Lefebvre, director of self publishing at Kobo, at @MarkLeslie.

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